Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)
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One of the most famous cities in Japan, Tokyo is known all around the world for its contribution to industry and finance. Tokyo is home to the second-biggest stock exchange on the planet, together with many other financial institutions and major banking corporations. In total, more than 30 million people reside in the Greater Tokyo region, which includes both the city and the surrounding suburbs.

Sited a fair distance away on Tokyo's north-eastern outskirts, Narita International Airport (NRT) can be found in the nearby city of Narita, in Japan's Chiba Prefecture. Narita International Airport stands on the eastern side of Greater Tokyo and is a major hub, used by many prominent Japanese airlines, such as All Nippon Airways. The airport is connected to central Tokyo by regular fast trains and other modes of public transport.

Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) Maps: Important City Districts

Tokyo contains 23 different wards in total, each of which is subdivided into numerous neighbourhoods and local communities. The main areas include the chic and stylish district of Ginza, which is perhaps best known for its endless selection of places to eat, drink and most of all, be entertained, especially as night-time approaches.

Nearby, the Kabuki-cho district of Tokyo is close to Shinjuku Station and also offers a good selection of restaurants and bars. Most of these venues tend to be less expensive, more crowded and extremely lively. Tokyo's Goruden Gai area lies to the east and features a labyrinth of narrow streets and small local bars, while further east you will find the gay-friendly district of Shinjuku. Tokyo's Shinjuku district is brimming with eateries, coffee shops and strip clubs, and is also home to a number of popular bathhouses.

Other notable districts in Tokyo include the Chiyoda area, which contains the Imperial Palace and a number of important companies, and Chuo, where you will find large department stores and the nearby Tsukiji fish markets. Those looking for more culture should consider a trip to Meguro, where the museums and parks will not disappoint.

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